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Alembic Club
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Information Related to All Instruments
Pickup Finishes - Black
Adjustment Key Sizes (Tools)
Body Shapes
Bridge Parts Guide
Determining Scale Length
Disassembling and Polishing the Bridge
Finish Care
Fret Edges
Installing threaded inserts
Logos - removal and possible consequences
Modular Connectors - pickups and electronincs
Oiling Your Fingerboard
Owners Manual
Pickup Failure
Pickup Height
Pickup Screws
Pickup Sizes
Removing Knobs
Replacing board mounted pots
RF Noise in Older Non-Series Instruments (Ferite Beads)...
Scratchy Pots
Strap locks and strap pins
Trimpots, or Adjusting Gain, or The Blue Square with a Wh...
Wood Samples
Information Related to the Discussion Board
Picture Posting Instructions
Editing your post
Editing your Alembic Club account
Anniversary Basses
Anniversary Electronics
California Special Guitar
California Special Control Layout
DS-5 Power Supply
Changing voltage on a DS-5 Power Supply
Darling Guitar
Darling Controls
Distillate Basses
Distillate Controls
Modification to increase output
Elan Basses
Elan Controls
Epic, Excel & Orion Basses
Output jack wiring
Essence Bass
Essence Controls
Europa & Rogue Basses
Europa Controls
F-1X Mono Tube Preamp
F-1X Operating Guide (opens PDF file)
Case screws
Changing F-1X Voltage Jumper Settings (110, 220, etc.)...
Dating your preamp
How to Change the Tube
Loss of Signal or Distortion or Hum
Post output louder than pre in direct out
Tuner output
When to Change the Tube
F-2B Stereo Tube Preamp
F-2B operating guide (opens PDF)
Voltage Conversion
60Hz Hum
Loss of Signal or Distortion
Are old F-2Bs different from new ones?
F-2B Tubes
"Flat" settings
Case Screws
Further & Tribute Guitar
Adjustment Key Sizes (Tools)
Effects Loop Cable
Effects Loop Mode
Further Control Layout
Tribute / Further electronics manual
Tribute Control Layout
Persuader Bass
Modification for Persuader Controls
SF-2 Superfilter
SF-2 Manual
Case screws
My SF-2 died, but the green LED still works.
What transformer (wall wart) do I need?
Series I & II (Bass & Guitar)
2-pin pickup connectors
5-pin Jack Wiring
Early 1970's Coaxial Pickup Connectors
High Frequency and Directional Noise aka the Upgrade
Humcancelling Procedure
Quarter Inch Jack Wiring
Series I Controls
Series II Controls
Wiring a 1/4" Stereo Cable
Wiring a 1/4" Stereo to 1/4" Mono Cable
Signature Basses
Signature Controls
Skylark Guitar
Control Cavity
Skylark Controls
Spectrum Guitar
Spectrum Controls
Spoiler Bass
Spoiler electronics
Tuners on cone headstock
Brown Basses
Brown Bass Controls
Must Reads
Posting Guidelines - Please Read!
Original Posting Guidelines
Updated Posting Guidelines
Setting up your bass - some good information found on oth...
General Statement on Tone
On Tuners and Tuning
Mica Discusses Midrange in Basses and Preamps
Setting Intonation
Headstocks, Scarf Joints & Volutes
Nic's Post on String and Pickup Physics and the 6KHz Filt...
Questions about Wood
Alembic Pickups
Nic's Post on Wood and Moisture Content
SF-2 Settings
Val's Note about Truss Rod Adjustments
Fretless Tone
Pickup Height
And More Pickup Height Posts
Another Post from Joey on Setting Pickup Height
Bob Novy's Post on Pickup Heights
Joey's Post on Pickup Height and Adjustment
Protruding Frets
On Low Action - Setting Up, Bass Construction, Etc.
On the Contribution of Construction Design, Bridges and W...
Fake Alembics
F-1X Phase Shift
Bob Novy's Post on Filters and Qs
Volume/Volume vrs. Volume/Pan
Werner's Post on Pickups, Filtering and Q
Joey's Post on Setting Up Your Bass
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