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Username: flpete1uw

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Registered: 11-2011
Posted on Friday, March 16, 2012 - 4:10 pm:   Edit Post

An apology if this has been discussed before. Any opinions on using rechargeable 9v Batteries in our Lovely Basses. Pros / Cons?
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Username: jbybj

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Registered: 6-2006
Posted on Friday, March 16, 2012 - 7:48 pm:   Edit Post

I decided to go rechargable when I got a Line 6 wireless unit, that gobbled up the Duracells like tic tacs. My limited research suggested that the cheaper technologies were not worth the effort. They have lower voltage, when freshly charged, and shorter shelf life, as well as shorter charge when in use.

I ended up getting Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeables. They last about twice as long as the Duracells in the ultra demanding application of the Line 6 transmitter. (about 8-10 hours as compared to 4-5) The store I bought them from is a Paintball gun supplier. I guess paintguns require heavy duty batteries.

They cost about 2-3 times the lessor brands, but in this case, I think it is money well spent.
Username: flpete1uw

Post Number: 32
Registered: 11-2011
Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 3:48 am:   Edit Post

Thanks for the link James, I will look into it. I did notice that the starting voltage is slightly less on the rechargeables. Were the batteries you were using NI-MH (Nickel metal hydride)? They have a longer life than the NI-CD (Candium) ones. Any experience using them to power an Alembic Bass's Activators?
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Username: jbybj

Post Number: 355
Registered: 6-2006
Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 11:30 am:   Edit Post

These Li-ion were my first rechargeables. I use Duracell alkaline in all my basses, Alembic and others. Since the Alkaline last at least one, and in some cases, up to three years in a bass, I never considered going the rechargable route. Only when I started going through one battery for every jam with the Line 6, did I need rechargables.
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Username: terryc

Post Number: 1799
Registered: 11-2004
Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 12:57 pm:   Edit Post

I use them all the time, buy good quality ones and a decent loads of money!
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Username: smuprof

Post Number: 135
Registered: 12-2003
Posted on Monday, April 02, 2012 - 8:11 pm:   Edit Post

I've used the HiTech brand of Lithium Ion rechargeables - 600mAh vs. 500 or less for other brands.

I don't use mine in my Alembics - I've always gotten good life from quality akalines in my basses.

I use the rechargeables in my Line 6 wireless and in my Shure in-ear monitors. Saves money and better for the environment.

I went through probably 20 Alkalines in my wireless gear before I switched. Since you have to switch them out before they die (can't have them quit in the middle of a tune), they still had some life.

Turns out they're great for the LEDs, so if you're using wireless and haven't switched to rechargeable 9v's, don't toss the alkaline batteries when you take them out - set them aside and use them next time you need a set for the LEDs!
Username: adriaan

Post Number: 2919
Registered: 6-2002
Posted on Monday, April 02, 2012 - 11:47 pm:   Edit Post

There's a "slow self-discharge" type of rechargeables that - as the name implies- hold their charge better, which is ideal for the occasional photographer. They cost quite bit more than regular NiMH ones. Does anyone have experience with those?
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Username: jbybj

Post Number: 360
Registered: 6-2006
Posted on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 - 5:14 pm:   Edit Post

I'm fairly certain that those are the LIthium Ion that have been mentioned above. The ones I bought have a shelf life of at least a few months.

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