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Username: lg71

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Posted on Thursday, December 07, 2006 - 1:37 pm:   Edit Post

- Would any of you be kind enough to take photos/closups of their EMW circuit, and send it to me via email?
I already know that one of the Preamp's trim pot is set to "minimum"... A good start indeed!

Here is the story, I bought an Alembic Bass/Treble module from Chris (who upgraded to a Filter + Q-switch), to use it with my existing Persuader Harness that I bought from eBay few months ago (which as been upgraded with a 3 positions, which I bought from Mica).

I was planing to use one of the Volume pot of the Persuader kit and use it on Chris's Bass/Treble, so I would end up with a "hybrid Anniversary/Signature "style" circuit" in end, instead of two Filtres/Q-switches,it would be Filter/Q-swicth + Bass/Treble, wired in "Parallel" (you could consider that the EWM circuit is the "same" thing wired in Series...). This is not going to be possible,
because the 2 volumes from the Persuader Harness are wired together, and on is "slave" and needs the other one to work... Hope doesn't sound complicated, basically I cannot "simply" split/dettached them from one an other.

At this stage, I end up with "useless" module on its own, because I miss-calulated, of course I would like to make use of this module, but it's getting difficult for me to get my hand on the missing part of this puzzle.

Therefore, at this stage, a "quick fix" would be to wire all this like an EMW circuit, until I get my hand on the right Alembic Volume pot.

Many regards,

A little poem:

If you got a Bass/Treble control, you've got Mid control (limited though)
When you boost the Bass/Treble, you cut the Mid...
When you cut the Bass/Treble, you boost the Mid...
If you've a Low Pass Filter, you hear more mid if you cut/sweep down...
Backing vocal: Why is that? LG: "because you hear less treble... Doh!" Down to 350Hz... Down to 350Hz... la la la...
James Brown: "If you've got a Q-switch, you got mid control..."
The crowd: Why is that? LG: "Think about it...Doh!"
George Bush: if you go an amp with mid control, wether you boost or cut, vote for me...!
The Soup Nasi: if you have an EMW circuit and don't take close-ups for LG, no Soup for you, la la la...!!!
LG: and get lost + give me break!
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Username: lg71

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Posted on Friday, December 08, 2006 - 2:42 pm:   Edit Post

Whoever it was who sent me the rude photos, you got it wrong...
I am not offended at all, but I am not Gay!

Please be kind and send me the right pictures at least, the Bass keeps talking to me know...
Username: davehouck

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Posted on Friday, December 08, 2006 - 3:15 pm:   Edit Post

I am inclined to be think that no one in this group would send inappropriate pictures to any other member of this group, or to any other person at all. And I am also inclined to think that no one in this group would make offensive remarks about someone's sexual orientation.

Thus I am inclined to think that the email received by LG was not sent by someone in this group.

That said, since LG has indicated that such emails were sent by someone in this group, please allow me to remind everyone of the posting guidelines. If you haven't read them, please do. If you haven't read them in a while, it won't hurt to read them again.

As a reminder, this forum is provided to us through the courtesy of our hosts at Alembic. Our behavior here should be conducted as if we were sitting in the actual living room of the Wickersham household with their family members and our family members sitting alongside.

It is my experience that when we treat each other with respect and compassion, the world is a better place.

Each one of our actions has a consequence. My actions toward another person will affect that person's actions toward someone else. Sending offensive material to someone in an email will have a consequence. Treating people with respect and compassion will have a consequence.

Again, my experience in this forum suggests to me that offensive email received by LG was probably not sent by a member of our group. But his having received such an email is an opportunity for me to remind everyone of the posting guidelines.

Now I have to get dinner out of the oven before it's overcooked.

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