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Jason Newsted Bass Solo - Seattle '89

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Comments & Responses

ace21ywf (1 month ago)
Newsted got fucked over in Metallica.
MRstormy (1 month ago)
twisterlemonade (3 weeks ago)
Jason is one of a kind. I think he has his own style and he really brought so much great to Metallica and was the longest standing bass player in Metallica. Cliff was amazing and Rob is great too,but they are all unique so who cares which one is the best? I respect them all.
raginhardon (2 weeks ago)
That little part in the middle was the eriest piece i have ever heard
StevoIRL (2 weeks ago)
he's a great bassist song writer and vocalist its a pity metallica didnt let him do anything think he wrote blackened nd my friend of misery there could hav been so much more!
ParadoxicalAxiom (2 weeks ago)
I -know- he at least wrote the opening bass line for My Friend of Misery, but I'm pretty sure, in the "...And Justice For All" booklet, they don't even credit him for it.
ParadoxicalAxiom (1 week ago)
I love the solo that he starts playing around 3:15; it gives me the chills.
flyingV1043 (1 week ago)
jason newstead kicks ass! all there bassists kick ass. personally i like cliff the best caus of the attitude and overall skill. then jason caus hes pretty awesome too. nd robs a great bassist but i dn, he just doesnt seem to fit with the band. idn. rip cliff thats all i gota say.
BrollyTheLegendary (4 days ago)
Damn! Fucking awesome, I wanna play like that.
Bilbanzabar (4 days ago)
I love the transition into To live is to die, how they all just slowly walk up on to stage, that is how you do a concer, it was so unexpected and just. . .Awesome!
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to darylspong
Added  July 12, 2006
From  darylspong
Jason Newsted back in the day, performin Jason Newsted back in the day, performing a bass solo live for the Seattle crowd in 1989.

Features a pretty cool jam on To Live is to Die, enjoy.
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