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Username: andy3hal

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Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 11:18 pm:   Edit Post

Was thinking how to title this thread as it is really to do with gig bags, but hope the title I chose raises a giggle though !

So the story so far, I bought my Alembic after researching and looking for years, and was of course so excited having found one and at the thought of it arriving., My Alembic did not have a hard case and was advertised with the original Alembic gig bag. During the negotiations I requested a hard case be included in the deal just to protect the bass during shipping, I am currently on work assignment in South Korea, so the trip California to South Korea is quite an ordeal. The shop told me that they struggled to find a case that would fit, I said that it didnít matter what type of case they could find as it was purely for shipping. So the big day arrived when the bass finally arrived at my apartment in a very big shipping box, my wife started complaining straight away as it was another "toy" for me, now imagine both our surprise when I opened the cardboard box and we both saw...........the coffin !!! I immediately told my wife that she should stop complaining, as the coffin could be used for something else !!! Opening the coffin case the bass was well packed inside to stop it moving, if you take a close look at the pictures you can see that it is possible for the bass to slide and bash the headstock, it would have to be an extreme bash to make it move, as when the lid is closed the internal padding holds everything in place, the shop fitted extra packing just to make sure it was well snug on its long journey, but I have to say doesnít that red interior just look so, well Dracular'ish, sorry bad word. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to find a good gig bag, I know a lot of folks will not be happy to put their pride and joy in a gig bag, but for me anyway, it is a practical solution and I do not need to carry it very far. The problem though was trying to find a good quality gig bag that would accommodate the size of the Alembic, I researched and researched but could not find one that would fit, and give good protection. One evening I made a full size tracing of the whole bass on pieces of A3 paper, much to the amusement of my wife, I did enjoy reminding her of the many uses a coffin case might have !!! the following morning at work I scanned each sheet of A3 paper so I could email my bass in full size to various case and bag suppliers. First time around I sent it to Levys Leathers, their bass gig bag looked very smart and the dimensions looked good, unfortunately they replied that my bass would not fit in their case. Further research found the Harvester leather gig bags, they looked very smart, I started the emails and phone calls to the US distributor, Access bags and cases, Tim Ellis over there was just so helpful and even humoured me by agreeing to print off and cut out my Alembic bass in full size and try it in the gig bag, I did forewarn him that as an Alembic owner he could consider me as a geek !!! All looked good with the fit up of the A3 sheets and the bag was big enough to take my Alembic the only concern being the angle of the neck and headstock, as most bags are made to fit a flat pack type of bass, we both agreed that over a period of time the Harvester leather would become more supple and the bag would curve more readily when the bass was fitted inside, Tim also asked if I might consider a double bass bag as the internal compartments would offer greater flexibility, I was also thinking about this but from the perspective of cutting the centre section out completely and then using some foam packing internally to accommodate the curvature of the neck and headstock a rather drastic action, so I let Tim know I was having a think about the options. The following day Tim sent me an email with a proposition that I might find interesting. Somebody had returned a bag back to the shop, a double bass bag, the reason for the return was that one of the metal securing rings on the rear of the bag had snapped, these are used when using the bag in a back pack mode, the main carry handle being in perfect order, Tim said if I was interested he could let me have the bag for a quarter of the normal price, I said yes please & how much to ship to South Korea ? So the bag arrived, it is a very good bag, Tim sent a replacement set of rear straps just in case I wished to fix the broken securing ring, the leather is very good quality and considering that it is a double bass bag, it is not too big. My fender jazz bass fits in it perfectly as a flat pack bass, the Alembic fits in it nicely, although with both bass's fitted the curvature of the Alembic neck and headstock will need some foam packing for proper support, I was going to fit this anyway, and it is unlikely I will carry both bassís at the same time, but overall I am very pleased that I have something to transport my Alembic, even though it is a gig bag and not a hard case. Attached are some pictures showing the original Alembic gig bag, the coffin case and the Harvester leather gig bag, the Harvester bag has both bass's fitted inside and is shown next to the stock Fender hard case for comparison. The gig bag option will not work for everybody for the obvious reasons, but it works for me at the present time...............but just take a look at the red lining in the coffin sexy..........or is it the base that looks sexy ?

All the best, at this moment in time from South Korea.


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Username: jazzyvee

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Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013 - 3:12 am:   Edit Post

Hi Andy, it's interesting your acquisition of the Harvest Leather bag. I also have a double bass bag from them for my Alembic and the one I had also had a problem with the rear carrying handle. In my case the press clips that hold the strap to the fixing rings came open as I was putting it over my shoulder. Harvest were great, they arranged a courier to collect it and send to it to factory in Germany and they either fixed or replaced it. But since then it's been without problem. I've only used it to carry two basses to rehearsals but the additional space is useful for other things like when at one gig I had to carry a bass and guitar and the guitar( strat ) went in the front compartment and both were perfectly safe.

I've also found coffin style hard case to be a good fit, although the one have is quite narrow width and doesn't have specific space for many extra's like the larger one you show here. I can just about get the strap, cable and spare batteries in it.

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Username: jacko

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Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013 - 5:16 am:   Edit Post

When I read 'Double Bass bag' I was expecting something much bigger ;-)
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Username: edwin

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Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013 - 11:34 pm:   Edit Post

I have a Harvester I got in hopes it would fit my Starfire. I ended up keeping it, as my Modulus fits in it and it's quite a nice bag. That said, for the money they are without your fabulous discount, I wish I had gotten one from Cronkhite as I did for the Starfire, eventually. For one quarter the price, it's a no brainer though. Great score! Tim is a great guy to work with, as well.

Stunning bass, btw, congrats!

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