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Intermediate Member
Username: slawie

Post Number: 199
Registered: 8-2002
Posted on Monday, May 03, 2010 - 9:43 pm:   Edit Post

Last Tuesday 27th of April I had a heart attack.
One of my arteries was blocked by a piece of plaque
that had dislodged from the wall and caused clotting.
The symptoms were severe chest, upper shoulder and arm pains.
An ambulance was called and within minutes I was rushed to the hospital for immediate intervention
with balloon angioplasty and the fitting of a stent.
I stayed in hospital until Saturday and am at home now resting. I never really thought of myself as an old fart but time (and lifestyle)has a way of catching up with you.
All this is changinging. I have been out of work since last November with no prospects and high stress as to the future and capability of paying the mortgage. What can I say "fnck it" life is too important to worry about crap.
I want to create music!

Anyhow, Monday morning a package from Alembic arrived containing
4 x Capacitors and a 240V transformer for my F2-B
that I had purchased off ebay prior to Christmas.
The older F2-B's do not have the capacity to be able to change primary tappings
so a purchase of a new transformer was in order.
That sorted out the power without having to buy a stepdown transformer to change from 240V to 110V.
One of the voltage doubler capacitors was sheared off at the PCB so it was required to be replaced.
Given the age of the device serial #4198
I decided to replace all 4 of the caps.
While I had it all open I also replaced the power cable and included a ground lead. This wire is
routed through a switch so I can enable or diable the ground circuit.

Later that afternoon I had it all together and was ready
for testing so it was dropped into a power amp of dubious quality only for the sake of the experiement.

Needless to say I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

My fretless is currently in pieces but I played my '77 Fender Jazz Bass with the Alembic PUP's Badass bridge and Hipshot detuner.

If anyone is considering a F2-B purchase. do not think about it just do it. I cannot recommend or praise its capabilities enough.
Such an empowered feeling of total control of my sound has never been available to me before.


Senior Member
Username: sonicus

Post Number: 887
Registered: 5-2009
Posted on Monday, May 03, 2010 - 10:46 pm:   Edit Post

Dear Sir ,
I am Glad that you appear to be recovering and are in good Spirits!
When all else has seemed lame , listening to and playing Music has been a vital resource for healing me through the low points and challenges in life and of my very existence as well.

Sonic regards my friend _______.
Senior Member
Username: edwin

Post Number: 601
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Monday, May 03, 2010 - 11:04 pm:   Edit Post

Welcome to the wondrousness of the F2B sound! Way back in the day before I got one, I was pretty skeptical of it. I had a choice between the F2B and a Furman PQ-3. I thought that the parametric EQ would give me all the tonal variations I wanted and it was very versatile, but when I finally got an F2B years later, it just made everything sound great.

I'm so glad that things worked out with your health. These kinds of things can sneak up on us, but I know you are going to have years of musical fulfillment ahead of you! Now just wait until you run into an SF2, it works wonders with a fretless.

Senior Member
Username: sonicus

Post Number: 888
Registered: 5-2009
Posted on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 - 12:08 am:   Edit Post

Many years ago I bought a black face Fender Dual Showman from none other then Don Wehr at Don Wehr's Music City in San Francisco . I think it must have been about 1972 or so. Soon after I had it I started on my life long ordeal with GAS ( gear acquisition syndrome ). The Dual Showman soon became modified and had 2 preamp outs installed so that I could hook up my new Crown DC300A power amp to it . Then I wanted to have more equalisation options so I acquired a Furman PQ-3 and connected it between the Dual showman preamps and the Crown DC 300A Poweramp. Then 2 Furman Pq-3's . I soon realised that I needed better speakers and then felt real lucky to be able get 2 Alembic Birch A15 speaker cabinets with JBL K140's. I soon stated to experiment with all sorts of gear and signal processing.
Over many decades of playing and lots of Gigs and now recently am back to An Alembic F-2B( based on a Dual Showman preamp ) or F-1X preamp and a solid state power amp and restored Alembic Speaker Cabinets with reconed JBL speakers for my big rig & I Love the Sound with a Capital "L"!___________________________!

(Message edited by sonicus on May 04, 2010)
Intermediate Member
Username: chalie_holmes

Post Number: 146
Registered: 3-2009
Posted on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 - 5:08 am:   Edit Post

Yo Slawie,
I'm glad you are up and running! Although I have not experienced your medical issue I am in the "age range" to have a heart attack. I take symvastatin to lower my cholesterol and I'm 53 now (yikes!). Moderation is the key to not placing yourself at risk for any other heart attacks, (hopefully you do not have "Type A" personality)coupled with a good diet and exercise (light walking). Take care of yourself as we bassist need you on the planet to continue to create harmonius groove-a-lischous low frequencies to power the earth and send sonic waves of universal peace. Heal quickly!
Username: artswork99

Post Number: 1104
Registered: 7-2007
Posted on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 - 5:35 am:   Edit Post

I experienced the same medical situation and procedures in 2003 and found that my outlet of music after several years of hiatus (my mistake) was what was missing. Now in the same work situation I can relate! Music, music, music... it's about all I think about now. Wishing you a speedy recovery and many years of making your music in good health.
Best, Art
Intermediate Member
Username: slawie

Post Number: 200
Registered: 8-2002
Posted on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 - 4:40 pm:   Edit Post

Thanks Gentlemen for the support and kind wishes.
An event such as this really lets you reprioritise your focus and desires.

The key to recovery, as was reinforced by the medical team, was early detection and intervention so......

If you have chest pains get it seen to as soon as possible.
It is better to be mistaken than dead.

Live Long, Play Loud.

Username: davehouck

Post Number: 9288
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Saturday, May 08, 2010 - 6:13 pm:   Edit Post

Slawie; I'm just now getting to this thread and I hope your recovery is continuing to go well. Wow, that must have been an intense experience. Oh, and I'm glad you like the F-2B; I kinda like mine too!
Senior Member
Username: richbass939

Post Number: 1090
Registered: 11-2004
Posted on Sunday, May 09, 2010 - 6:09 am:   Edit Post

Glad you were seen immediately and are okay.
Advanced Member
Username: spose

Post Number: 307
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 9:38 am:   Edit Post

holy guacamole!
heart attack and F2B!!

I'm trying to get my head around this

glad you're okay
AND you have great tone

I have an older F2B and a F1X
just sayin..

(Message edited by spose on May 24, 2010)
Intermediate Member
Username: wideload

Post Number: 150
Registered: 6-2003
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 4:33 pm:   Edit Post

I would think judicious use of your F2B (coupled with proper output wattage, of course!) would help break up any newly formed plaque, and also serve as a de facto pacemaker. A proper bass rig in every household, I say!

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