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Username: tubeperson

Post Number: 95
Registered: 5-2005
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 8:41 am:   Edit Post

A gorgeous Series II plus with ebony neck lamintes and Supeb Walnut spotted for sale at Bass Northwest. It seems to be priced high for a used instrument, but is is worth at least a look.
Username: bonesrad

Post Number: 68
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 8:47 am:   Edit Post

It'll be interesting to see how fast this bass will move/not move. The asking price is high but it looks like a very special bass. If somebody is interested in a tricked out Series II, without having to wait for a new bass and pay the new bass price, this may be the one.

I'll be watching.

Senior Member
Username: serialnumber12

Post Number: 746
Registered: 12-2004
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 9:20 am:   Edit Post

thats this march 2003 featured custom
Advanced Member
Username: lmiwa

Post Number: 304
Registered: 2-2008
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 11:00 am:   Edit Post

If I had that kind of cash sitting around, it would already be sold!

That is one of the COTM's on my "Would love to have that one!" list.
Username: tubeperson

Post Number: 96
Registered: 5-2005
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 11:10 am:   Edit Post

I just spoke with Bass NW manager Eddie Ferguson, who is a real nice guy. The price is stated as firm (Only time will tell if that holds) and the condition seems better than advertised, as there are no dings, doinks, oinks or whatever floats your boat

Still, no bookmatch to center, as on my Triple Omega Buckeye Burl front and back (the Ed Roman featured bass), which was made in 2003 and also was a featured of the month Alembic or the Roman Conqueror (front only) and no quilted Coco Bolo as on my Roman Conqueror.

There are extra electronics with bass and treble boost and cut for each pickup. Still, to me, the price seems a little too high. If cash was like water, then we'd be talking a different story. One must always be careful of the emotional purchase, you generally pay more than if sanity prevailed. Of course, I could jsut pop lots of Oxicodeine since they do nothing to dull the pain for which they were prescibed for (and no I am not selling any pills don't even ask!).
Senior Member
Username: gregduboc

Post Number: 432
Registered: 11-2008
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 11:11 am:   Edit Post

And here is the link...

Username: bonesrad

Post Number: 69
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 12:15 pm:   Edit Post

I think the price is currently firm as it is probably being sold on consignment. It's possible it might move if the seller is so motivated with a lower offer. Bass NW is just a stroll away from my office. I might just have to see this bass in person.

Senior Member
Username: pace

Post Number: 549
Registered: 4-2004
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 7:06 pm:   Edit Post

:-) Here's to wishful thinking that the "deluxe leather strap" adds a $ignificant amount to the list price. :-)

Man, what a bass....
Intermediate Member
Username: otis

Post Number: 200
Registered: 10-2008
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 7:10 pm:   Edit Post

That's a great looking bass, I love that top and back!

Interesting wood neck combo- I can attest to the power of Ebony, firsthand- there's something about it that just rumbles, and not just in your stomach- in the audible wavelengths of the air (if that makes any sense!)

I hope the right person gets that bass in their hands- it looks like a weapon that could cause Mass Destruction!!!

If it were Six... Sigh. All that would do is cause me grief. I love the Ebony neck lams- I'd love to hear a S2 with them- the ones in my Epic 6 were incredible!!!

Peace All;)


(Message edited by otis on May 27, 2010)
Senior Member
Username: bigredbass

Post Number: 1399
Registered: 9-2002
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 9:45 pm:   Edit Post

For the life of me, I can not imagine how long it takes to sand those ebony lams into the neck contours.

Certainly a stunning axe. Me, I 'd rather have the red Elan and 12-and-a-half thousand dollars cash! Maybe it's just me . . . but then of course, I could have the five-string and 85 grand cash by NOT buying the GoldCaster, too !

J o e y

(Message edited by bigredbass on May 27, 2010)
Username: bluplirst

Post Number: 82
Registered: 12-2004
Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 10:21 pm:   Edit Post

"While picking out the wood for his bass, Yahya also spied a lonley fingerboard sitting off to the side. This Gabon Ebony has some lighter streaks that we only use on request from a customer. A few weeks after we started building this bass, another customer selecting wood for the top of his guitar noticed Yahya's bass under construction, and changed his order to use one of these fingerboards."

This refers to my guitar, Plum Pudding. Really nice streaked ebony, and that bass looks amazing!
Username: krystoof

Post Number: 85
Registered: 1-2009
Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010 - 10:41 am:   Edit Post

This instrument deserves a capital -I- !!!!! woooow, so gorgeous!
Username: phobucket

Post Number: 16
Registered: 3-2010
Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010 - 12:52 pm:   Edit Post

Lawddy that bass is beautiful!!!!
Senior Member
Username: briant

Post Number: 418
Registered: 12-2004
Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 12:53 pm:   Edit Post

Nice looking bass. I might go play it. I'm not going to buy it. Whoever is consigning it is high as hell. They'll be lucky to get $10,000 for it.
Username: tubeperson

Post Number: 97
Registered: 5-2005
Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010 - 1:44 pm:   Edit Post

Since this item is on consignment to Bass NW, only the buyer can make a change in asking price. While all of us who buy Series Basses wish they retained more of their value, they do not. As I stated earlier, I think the price is too high, but all it takes is one buyer who looks at this from a different vantage point.

BTW - Thanks to the moderators who apparently edited out a risque post to this topic earlier today. Although many sophmoric jokes passed through my grey matter as a possible response, when I becan to consider that this is Susan and Mica's sight, and that there are probably females and males that might take offense to that reference, it is better to put it in a different place. Not that I don't like sex. LoL!

Thanks to the moderators for a wise choice!

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