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Username: robinc

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Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010 - 10:17 am:   Edit Post

I'm looking to replace the cabs on my current rig, which now consists of roadready 215 and 210 cabs powered by a M/B mpulse 600. My MK5 loves to have those 15s for the low B, but these cabs are old and heavy! And did I mention they are heavy?

I've played through a PowerHouse 1200 before and it was awesome, but I'm also open to suggestion. I'll mostly be playing funk, rock, soul, and reggae (which I guess is a pretty broad swath of genres) so I'm looking for a cab that can support the highs needed for slap technique while also providing that low end thump for soul and reggae.

Any and all input greatly appreciated!
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Username: jazzyvee

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Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010 - 12:47 pm:   Edit Post

I think FCSpoiler is a good source of information on Mesa kit, he has a good collection of mesa cabs. So i would imagine as soon as he gets the word Mesa he will be here to advise.

I have mesa boogie cabs 1x15, 2x10 and 4x10 combination .
I play all the genres you mention except rock and have not found anything lacking. Although I have not gigged playing a whole reggae gig with them the couple of tracks I have done with the 2x10 and 1x15 combination sounded great. Using the SF-2 in my rig makes a huge difference to the amount of low end bass you can get from from these cabs even a low volumes. Most of what I play is Jazz-funk and RnB which does involve a number of playing styles including slap and i haven't found anything the cabs can't deliver accurately and with great quality.

As for non Mesa options, well this is the only bass rig I've ever had so I can't advise on any other products first hand.

I hope you find something you can feel comfortable with.

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Username: sonicus

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Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010 - 1:37 pm:   Edit Post

I own a Mesa 4X10 Road Ready & a 2X10 Road Ready loaded with EV speakers and I can say that I have no complaints . I have many other speakers but my 2 Mesas are my current favorites.
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Username: fc_spoiler

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Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 2:14 pm:   Edit Post

What? Mesa? :-)

I have owned the PH1000 and it's impressive (and that's an understatement)
Its heavy (mine was about 180 lbs), the new series are much lighter (PH1200 is 137 lbs)

I sold mine after I got the 2x10's and 1x15's (two of both)
The 2x10 and 1x15 combi is almost as impressive as the PH1000 and they are much easier to handle, obviously :-)

One of my 2x10s has Eden speakers (option in the 90's) and is much lighter, my guess is more than 10 lbs lighter than te EV version. The Eden loaded cab is about 70 lbs.

Eden 10's have a "warmer" sound, the EV's are more direct (I prefer the EV's)

The 1x15's (like the PH1000) have the EVM15L and that's tha bomb!
Absolutely my choice if I ever have to go with a single cab setup.
There are also versions with the EVM15B, from what I've read these have less highs. (no experience with them, maybe you have them in your cab)

The weight of my 1x15's (non-roadready) is about 63 lbs)

Ultimately my advise would be: Sell the 2x15 and get a Diesel series 1x15 (or two of 'em)

Pics of my "arsenal" can be found here, there are links in the description of the cabs to pics of the Speakers, construction etc)

BTW: this thread needs pics! :-)

Wall of deaf MK III

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