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Username: lowstrung

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Registered: 6-2004
Posted on Saturday, June 05, 2004 - 9:43 pm:   Edit Post

Hello Everybody,

I thought I would take a little time and introduce myself. I am 46 years and have been a bass player for 8 months. I played guitar off and on since I was 14. I love musical instruments. I have taught myself how to play mandolin and banjo. I was really into the acoustic stuff. Over the years I have bought some nice instruments. The likes of Taylor, Stelling and Martin. I have been playing in my church for about the last ten years. Recently I joined some buddyís to form an old easy rock cover band. We were all about the same age except for the lead singerís son. He is about 23 and a really good bass player. Sad to say I donít think he likes hanging around a bunch of old guys. I canít blame him for that but there goes our bass player. The lead singer and guitar player said he would play the bass. I could see his heart wasnít really into it so instead of the band breaking up I volunteered. I mean how hard could it be, itís only got 4 strings. I thought bass players were guyís that couldnít quite master the six stringers. I never paid attention the bottom before. Never thought it was that important. Boy was I wrong. Anyhow to make a long story short. I bought a music man sub because it was cheap. The next day I took in and traded up to Music Man SR5. About a weak later I went back and picked up an SR 4. The B string would through me off and it felt floppy anyhow. I realized that the guitar is only half the story. I went and purchased another two grand in amplification. Mostly Ampeg. Any how this is all working fine and everything was going fine. We were learning songs and trying to tighten up before we started to gig. At the music store where two of my sons are taking guitar and piano lessens there is this Alembic bass hanging way high on a hook were nobody could reach it. So I get to looking at and it looks real nice. I do a little research and find out itís an Essence with tiger wood overlay.
I ask the owner if he would take it down for me. It was brand new but the serial number makes it a 98 model. I asked the owner the story and he told me that he had to order 3 Alembics to get one for a customer. The second one he said he had to practically give away and this was the nicest of the three. He couldnít sell because it was too pricey for his customers. His customers were mostly kids buying cheap imported instruments. So I asked him what he would take for the old girl hanging there. He said his cost was $1700.00 and he wouldnít charge me tax. So I took her home with no manual because it was probably got lost in 99. That is how I became an Alembic owner. Now this is not the end of the story. When I tried it out at the music store the amp would start popping really loud. So we put a new battery in it and it seamed to do ok. I didnít think too much of it because the amp was a backline. I think the speaker was turned inside out by the time I left though. When I got home I took the old strings off and cleaned her up good, oiled the fret board put new strings on it and set her up. The next night we were rehearsing and in the middle of the set she started popping again. So I put her aside for the SR 4. Just what I didnít want to do. We finished up and the next day I called Alembic. Mica said donít worry about that they could take care of it. She gave me a list of things to do like spinning the knobs and making sure everything was tight because she had been hanging around the wall for six years. I did all that put in a new battery and strung her with some flat wounds. Sheís a singing now. Mica wonít have to worry about the old girl sitting around not getting her knobs turned now. She will get a turn everyday.
So, pleased to meat you and thanks so much to Alembic and especially Mica for taking care of an old timer like myself and the old gal that was just hangin around waiting for me.

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Username: bob

Post Number: 241
Registered: 11-2002
Posted on Saturday, June 05, 2004 - 11:59 pm:   Edit Post

Great intro, Mike. Thanks for taking the time to tell your story, and welcome!

Apparently within months of starting to play bass, you lucked into a brand new Essence for less than half of list price today, and in addition to recognizing it for the wonderful instrument it is, you've already learned something about the people who stand behind them.

It took many of us here more like 10-15 years to get to that point, so consider yourself extremely fortunate. And go easy on the 'old guy' stuff :-)

I wouldn't sweat the owner's manual. It's only one page (though printed both sides). Poke around a little, and you'll find that you're smack in the middle of one of the best "owners manuals", and part-time support groups, that you're likely to encounter.

Oh, and work on getting a photo posted. I don't know what's going on with The Pauls, they've been really slacking off lately on this greeting stuff, but one could turn up at any time and start banging on the table, screaming for pictures.

Senior Member
Username: palembic

Post Number: 1369
Registered: 9-2002
Posted on Sunday, June 06, 2004 - 2:49 am:   Edit Post


welcome Mike.
I am a Paul.
A real one.
There ARE others around here! There even was some confusion about a year ago about PAUL being one of those fancy letterwords we all use.
Well ...oh ...huh ...I am a Paul ...the bad one ...but that is a long story.
Anyway ..welcome to the club.
I am not into bottle-table-banging for the moment because it could ruin the beautiful story.
But ....PICTURES - PICTURES -PICTURES ...please ...by all means!!!

Paul the bad one

PAUL ...ho ...huh ....Paladins of the Alembic Using League???? Nei-eih ! Proletarian Alembicians in Ultra Lowland ?? Nei-eih neither!!
Senior Member
Username: davehouck

Post Number: 627
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Sunday, June 06, 2004 - 6:57 am:   Edit Post

What a story! A new Essence for $1,700!

"how hard could it be" - I loved that bit!

Here's a general owner's manual.

As Bob said, this is a great support group; there are lots of posts on all kinds of Alembic related questions here. Click on the Search button in the top right hand corner and you'll find posts on how to adjust the truss rods, bridge, pickups, nut, trim pot; how the controls work - what the filter does; ideas on care and maintenance; etc., etc. Or just post a question.

Welcome to the group!
Username: rklisme

Post Number: 38
Registered: 5-2004
Posted on Sunday, June 06, 2004 - 8:47 am:   Edit Post


Welcome to the group and what a great story! It sounds like you are starting out playing bass the correct way, with an Alembic! I am sure you will find all the support you can use by just staying in touch with this site. Get some pictures out soon and keep us updated on your music project.

Bottoms Up
Senior Member
Username: bassman10096

Post Number: 447
Registered: 7-2003
Posted on Sunday, June 06, 2004 - 10:15 pm:   Edit Post

Hi Mike: Welcome to the group. What a great way to find your way to an Alembic. Mica's help to you was nothing unusual. They definitely stand behind their instuments. Alembic is also very patient and extremely helpful to second hand buyers. They seem to view all Alembic owners as their customers. Lots of us started with used Alembics and, lo and behold, wound up buying new ones.

But yours is new...And at a great price, too. I'm with Paul. I'd love to see some pictures too.

On the Club: Very nice folks. Great expertise and willing to share it. The information and advice you can find here has helped avoid what could have been frustrating or discouraging situations a number of times. And you thought you were just buying a bass....

Welcome and don't be a stranger.

Senior Member
Username: bracheen

Post Number: 461
Registered: 11-2003
Posted on Monday, June 07, 2004 - 6:04 am:   Edit Post

Hey Mike, good to have you here. Sounds like quite the love affair brewing with your Essence. That's a great bass, congratulations.
BTW has anyone mentioned pictures yet? We are the vicarious sort with our enjoyment of each others gear.

Intermediate Member
Username: pookeymp

Post Number: 108
Registered: 7-2002
Posted on Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 11:15 am:   Edit Post

Hey Mike,

That is a great story and welcome to the other side.


P.S. Hey...just noticed it's been 5 days...any pictures Yet?

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