This is one of the two glue presses we use for laminating necks. They are over a hundred years old! The heavy tubular steel on the top and bottom in addition to the five screw clamps make sure that the pressure is evenly distributed for the best possible adhesion. Glue press pic
Timesaver pic This is our Timesaver abrasive planer. You can think of it like a wide belt sander. We use the abrasive planer to sand the laminates that make the body before we glue them together. The top laminate is .25" thick while accent laminates are.125" thick. Some models have an accent pinstripe instead of the .125" laminate, and in these cases, the pinstripe is a piece of veneer that we purchase already sanded smooth.
This is our new CNC (computerized numeric control) machine as it arrived on February 14, 1997. This is a specialty woodworking machine made by Thermwood Corporation in Indiana. We have a five tool automatic tool changer on this machine. The controller is on the work table.

The large table, 5'x5', will enbale us to perform more tasks than on our previous CNC machine. For instance, we will now be able to make fingerboards up to 6" wide on the new fingerboard fixture. That is great news for people that want us to build extended range basses and even instruments that you couldn't classify.

CNC pic
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