Fun pictures from throughout Alembic's history. Click image to enlarge.

One of the oldest flyers advertising Alembic. Don't call that number! Our current number is 707.523.2611 2
Phil Lesh's 1974 Alembic under construction. The one and only Osage Orange bass.
Phil Lesh and the Osage Orange bass. Check out the tooled edge on the body. 77-829
77-829. Elbow cut, curled horns and neck woods make this an unusual Series I bass.
1978 Vermilion
Series I guitar from 1978. Lots of Vermilion, rust colored pickups. Nov 1977
1977 short scale Series I, Eastern Flame Maple top and fancy tailpiece.
Jack + #1
Jack Casady and Alembic #1. Nov 1977
Custom 7-string Series I guitar. Cool tailpice and pickup selector plate.
Jack + #1
Fretless 4-string, fretted 8-string doubleneck. Nov 1977
1979 Zebrawood Series I. Purpleheart, Maple and Vermilion neck laminates.
1978 Custom
1978 Series I bass with Burl Myrtle top and massive custom electronics. JE April 1976
Jonn Entwistle in 1976 with a pre-Exploiter Series I bass.
Doubleneck Series I Zebrawood 4-string bass, 6-string guitar.
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