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Alembic's Supreme Polish for Guitars

For your instrument's ultimate shine.

Our Supreme Polish for Guitars is unlike any other polish you've ever tried. Most companies buy furniture polish and slap a "guitar polish" label on it. Supreme Polish is specially formulated for finishes typically found on guitars. Safe for polyester, polyurethane, and lacquer finishes.

Supreme Polish also contains special anti-static ingredients that actually repel dust. Neck drag is greatly reduced if used regularly. The big 8-ounce bottle lasts and lasts.

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Flitz Metal Polish

We think it's the best.

Flitz metal polish is the best we've found for cleaning the brass parts on our basses and guitars. It cleans, polishes, deoxidizes, and protects all the brass hardware. You can clean the hardware on your instrument at least 40 times with one little 10g tube.

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