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Tone Dreams

What do you hear when you're dreaming of tone? Rolling thunder...punch and growl...melodic mids...clean and clear highs? Do you feel the earth shake or the warmth of glowing tubes? Do you see yourself dialing in every subtle nuance of your instrument's character? Do you want to own that dream tone now? Alembic bass preamps are the ultimate total tone control reality.

The Links of the Chain

Every component of your musical system has something to say about tone: the instrument, strings, preamp, power amp, and speaker cabinet holistically define your sound. But no link is designed to shape tone more than the preamp, and no company makes better sounding, higher quality preamps than Alembic.

Enduring Tones

All this talk about great tone is, well...great, but will these units really last? In all aspects, yes. Our preamps have withstood the test of time. Not only for ruggedness, but also for musicality. The first F-2B units shipped in 1969!

Alembic preamps sound as real and uncompromising today as they did all those years ago, and most units we built then are still in use today, many by the original owners. When ZZ Top's equipment was stolen, the first thing they replaced was their F-2B. Once you get a hold of tone like this, you don't let go easily.

Serious About Quality

Alembic products are built for extreme durability. We make our preamps, like all of our products , right the first time. We only use the highest quality components and meticulous assembly techniques to insure a durable and rugged unit you'll be proud to hear working in your rack any time and every time. The chassis are made from sixteenth inch thick powder coated steel. All cable assemblies are tie-wrapped and routed for minimum electronic and microphonic noise. All tubes are rigorously, sonicly checked so that no impurity or dull tone leaves the test bench. Every unit goes through a 35 point checkout before it is given a serial number and called an Alembic. To say we are serious about quality is an understatement.

The Models The F-1X and F-2B tube preamps give you everything you would expect from Alembic. The vintage tube warmth, intuitive bass-mid-treble controls, super-low noise floor, and precision engineering make these the finest preamps in the world.

The SF-2 can either be used as a preamp or as a stand-alone tone processor. The dual-channel Superfilter allows incredible, detailed control of the filtered signal as well the wet/dry signal blend. There is no other preamp, graphic EQ, parametric EQ, or filter unit anywhere from anyone that can shape tone like the Alembic SF-2.

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