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Series I Custom in Spalted Maple
Pictured in Spalted Maple with many custom options including Roland GK pickup, Ebony neck laminates, and custom inlay.
Series I Title

In production continuously since 1972, Series I guitars are the classic Alembic guitar. We've refined them slightly over the years, but the essentials remain the same. We start with great single coil pickup sound with no hum thanks to our external "dummy" humcancelling pickup. The signal passes through our stereo electronics with each pickup using its own filter frequency and 3-position Q switch for crazy amounts of tone shaping.

Our woodworking is second to none. There are no shortcuts, no compromises, just good, solid craftsmanship. There's no secret to great woodworking, but you actually have to do it, and we deliver just that every day, every time.

The wood itself has a huge part to play in shaping the tone. Our wood selection is exhaustive, and we evaluate new varieties as they come to market. Nearly 40 years of careful listening to the wood's impact on the tone lets us guide you in selecting the right woods to give your guitar's natural tone something that you won't have to fight - it will be made to suit your needs.

Featured Custom Featured Custom
Scale length 24.75 in, 25.50 in, or 28.00 in baritone
Neck Woods 5-piece Maple and Purpleheart
Fingerboard wood Ebony with mother of pearl inlays
Nut width 1.65 in
24th fret width 2.25 in
Peghead shape Alembic Crown
Truss rods Dual, body adjust
Body shape Small Standard
Body construction Hollow core
Top and back wood any standard wood
Body wood Mahogany core
Body depth 1.65 in
Finish Polyester gloss with satin neck feel
Backplates Brass
Pickups Alembic SC1 with HX
Controls volume, filter, 3-position Q for each pickup; pickup selector switch, mono/stereo switch
Tailpiece Brass bird
Nut Height adjustable solid brass
Hardware finish Chrome plated
Machine heads Chrome Alembic-Gotoh
Average weight 9.5 pounds - but depends on options
Overall dimensions depends on the scale and body shape
Origin 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA
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