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Spectrum Baritone Coco Bolo
Spectrum Title
The Spectrum is the "sister" guitar to the Europa bass. The body is contured not only for its beauty, but also to offer a wonderfully natural fit to your own. You shouldn't merely wear a guitar, it should be an extension of yourself.

Clean, clear electronics allow your musical ideas to translate from thought into reality. Don't play a guitar with someone else's voice, rather, select the perfect guitar for expressing your own musical voice. With the Spectrum's low-pass filter, you can find warm, broad sounds right through to strong, bright sounds. A small turn of the tone knob has a wild effect. This is not the guitar you buy, turn the tone control full up and leave it there - you might as well not have any tone control at all, since you let someone else make all the sonic decisions. The flexibilty inherent in the Alembic electronic design philosophy means that you are in control of, and responsible for your own tone.

In baritone scales, the Spectrum commands attention. We've had bassists call us, quaking in their boots that their job is on the line ever since the rhythm guitarist got a baritone Alembic. While that is obviously not our goal (hey, we like selling basses, too!), it does show what a vital role a well-placed baritone can play.

Just a few examples of wood, finish and custom options.

Scale length 25.50 in or 28.00 in baritone
Neck Woods 5-piece Maple and Purpleheart
Fingerboard wood Ebony with Mother of Pearl oval inlays
Nut width 1.65 in
24th fret width 2.25 in
Peghead Alembic Inline
Truss rods dual, body adjust
Top wood Any standard wood
Body wood Mahogany
Body depth 1.55 in
Finish Polyester gloss with satin neck
Pickups Alembic Str, HG, or HGR
Controls volume, filter, Q-switch, 5-way pickup selector switch, mono output
Tailpiece solid brass bird
Nut height adjustable solid brass
Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh
Average weight 8 pounds
Origin 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA
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