Mary Nelson pic

This is Mary Nelson. She has been with the company for over 40 years. She purchases raw materials and shop supplies, does the invoicing, has specific customers she is responsible for in sales and does customer service, but more importantly she is the Office Manager and works closely with Susan to assist her in the overall management of the office. Mica's son, Erik loves to play with his great auntie Mary.

Mica Wickersham Thomas has worked at Alembic her whole life. Well, full time employment started in 1987, but as a family business, you get the picture. She is currently the General Manager, but her other responsibilities include advertising and promotions (she's our "graphic goddess"), customer service, and product development. She is also our webmaster.

Susan Wickersham

Susan Wickersham is the co-founder of Alembic (along with her husband Ron). Susan is currently the president and CEO. Susan is an artist and is responsible for the design of the Alembic instruments. She designs the custom inlays as well. Susan has a hands on management style that very often places her in the shop, finish and set-up departments. Susan has radiused and inlaid fingerboards, scraped and sanded bodies and rubbed out finishes. This gives her a good understanding of the work the employees must do and how to best translate a new instrument design to the practical construction of it. Her nickname around the factory is "Thor", figure it out
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