Bob Nelson pic

Bob Nelson is the shop foreman and production coordinator at Alembic. He knows how to do just about every step in building our instruments and has been here for over 40 years! He is the main programmer for our CNC machine and is in charge of training all new employees in the shop. Bob also is chief wood hunter here and frequently travels to select and purchase the woods we use. Bob is an accomplished woodworker and has a nice home workshop set up where he does exquisite wood turnings of vases, plates and bowls. He also does beautiful inlay work. But if the truth be known, he'd rather be fishing!

Kris Worden pic

Kris Worden has been with Alembic for 25 years. He is definitely the quintessential craftsman and the tool maker. We like to refer to him as the "jig master" because he is responsible for many of the jigs and fixtures that we use around the shop. Kris is also an inlay artist extraordinaire. He is ever ready to help his co-workers and is always thinking of new ways to improve their techniques.

Jack pic

Jack Sawatsky has been carving here at Alembic for 13 years. He's built many instruments on his own, and has a passion for woodworking and bass playing. He's also assisting James in the setup detpartment, and has come to be a hihghly skilled inlay artist.
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