Kris is using the drum sander to create the contour of the inner horn of a bass before it will be glued to the neck. Kris sanding pic
Ready to carve pic

A nice group of instruments waiting to be carved, some are Epics, Orions, Rogues and Essence basses.

Tony sands a nice elbow cut into an Epic bass.

Tony elbow cut pic
Carve neck pic Tony has moved on to the back of the neck for an Epic bass. Each neck is hand carved to our standard specifications or by special order to yours.
Bob is "de-glitching" a bass prior to entering the finish department. This is a term we use when all of the construction process is completed and the instrument must be reviewed before it can go to the spray department. In the travel from one department to another small dings may occur in handling or some small scratches in the wood might need to be sanded out. Bob deglitching  pic
Kris + Classico pic Kris here is working on the Big Boy of the shop, a Classico Bass, He is putting on the finishing touches before it goes into the spray department. Notice the handle and hook that is screwed into the flat surface of the neck for ease of handling in spray. This particular instrument is being constructed for the bass player of Julio Iglesias, Nicky Orta.
It's Tony again, this time he is proudly holding up a completed 6-string Rogue bass in flame walnut. It has made it through the manufacturing process and has been de-glitched and is now ready to enter the spray department. Tony + Rogue pic
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