Larry measures twice and cuts once the exact dimensions for the neck blank sizes that we laminate into necks for the various models. Larry and necks
neck press pic This is one of the two glue presses we use for laminating the necks, they're over a hundred years old. The heavy cast iron beams on top and bottom in addition to the five screw clamps make sure that the pressure is evenly distributed for the best possible adhesion.
Wayne gets out the calipers and double checks the dimensions on an Epic Bocate body. Wayne measuring pic
Vacuum press pic This is the vacuum press that laminates the bookmatched exotic wood top and accent stripe to the body core. This was the first bass we glued up in this machine. It will hold six instrument bodies.
Epic bodies in the pipe clamps. This step preceeds all shaping and contouring on th ebody. Wood shown in front is zebrawood. Epics in clamps pic
Epic and Orion bodies pic Completed Epic and Orion bodies, now ready for routing and carving.
Neck blanks waiting to have truss rods installed and peghead veneers glued on. Body cores are cut and will have the top exotic wood bookmatch and accent stripes laminated on. Neck blanks pic
Steve leveling pic Steve is making sure we have a level surface before gluing the fingerboard in place.
Kris is cutting out the peghead shape with a router. Kris routs pic
Necks pic Epic and Orion bass necks are waiting to be carved to fit the pockets on the bodies they are destined to be joined to. Wait a minute, there is an Orion GUITAR neck on that lower shelf as well. Yes, we have always and still do make guitars. Tell the guitar players in your band to check them out.
This is one of the drawers we store bookmatches in. We have most woods already prepared as bookmatches for your selection. Rosewood drawer pic
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