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Share a picture or instrument related stories about your favorite artists and their Alembics with the Club. Start a new thread, join an existing thread or just sit back and read.

Images will be archived here at our forum so you'll always know where to find a picture of your Alembic instruments past and present (if applicable). Come on, don't be shy! If you need help with posting pictures, see our instructions.

Please refrain from thread hijacking in this section. Thank you.

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Jimmy "Flim" Johnsonjos1037 21 2-01-16  6:13 am
Scott Law!davehouck1-24-16  7:19 pm
Nathan East And His Series I ???hieronymous1-20-16  2:21 pm
Turn Up The Bass: A Stanley Clarke Story (2015) Trailerjazzyvee1-12-16  2:40 pm
Victor Wooten's brother Regi with an Alembicmoongerm11 1-06-16  12:13 pm
Stanley Clarke in VG magazinejazzyvee12-27-15  5:17 pm
John Mc Vieedwardofhuncote57 12-12-15  8:49 pm
Freeman Jamesmalthumb10-19-15  7:41 am
Phil Lesh and his medium scale Series II 6-string bassserialnumber12146 10-06-15  4:45 pm
Phil Lesh's Custom Omega Cut Alembicserialnumber1293 10-06-15  4:42 pm
David crosby's 12 string starfireed_zeppelin32 9-19-15  12:09 am
Jason Newsted Series II Bassesfc_spoiler8-10-15  6:24 am
John Mayer davehouck26 7-18-15  8:22 pm
Phil Lesh and his short scale Series II 6-string bassdavehouck20 7-06-15  6:58 pm
Rick Dankolbpesq7-04-15  10:24 am
Jan Olaf-Strandbergjos55 6-08-15  6:13 am
John Entwistledavehouck34 6-01-15  2:42 pm
Mark Manley, The Wall of Thundermusashi14 5-22-15  3:44 pm
Phil Lesh's Alembic Modified Guild Starfire-"The Godfather"...pasewark66 5-07-15  11:04 am
TON Pete Steel and his Black Spoiler!xero_tolerance15 4-17-15  11:47 am
Stanley....and Louis....and George...OH MY!!!malthumb4-05-15  10:31 am
Tom Fowler with Zappahieronymous15 4-04-15  8:53 am
Jack Casady's Guild #2pauldo4-02-15  3:59 am
Cliff Burton (RIP)robertodiazj32 2-10-15  6:04 pm
Newstead and his Elanelwoodblue54 2-09-15  9:56 pm
Armand Sabal-Leccojos16 1-21-15  11:38 am
Fly Jefferson Airplane:Jack Casady & Alembic #1!!!sonicus63 12-07-14  8:50 am
Tom Petersson's Alembic 8-stringjacko11-20-14  9:28 am
Nicky Ortarjmsteel12 11-08-14  8:36 am
New Stanley Song Clipsjos11-08-14  4:49 am
Pinback earsplit14 10-16-14  10:59 pm
Del Palmer with Kate Bushjacko9-06-14  4:27 am
Kazumi Watanabe on Series I guitarhieronymous14 8-12-14  7:25 pm
New Discovery - John Entwistle Spyder 8String with Graphite Neck (n...senmen7-06-14  12:55 am
Greg Lake's other basshieronymous6-17-14  10:21 am
Trip Wamsleyjacko32 6-16-14  2:40 pm
Mark King playing "Dune Tune" on his Alembic S1hieronymous6-08-14  10:23 am
Edwin van Huik- The history of the (funky)(on the one) bass....enzo4-26-14  7:38 am
John Kadlecik with Furtherpace4-12-14  3:22 pm
Jimmy Johnson solo on 'Rio Funk'dead_head17 3-22-14  8:46 pm
Alembic spotted, played by a girl...Anais Noirrobertodiazj2-07-14  1:25 pm
Rochon Westmorelandjazzyvee2-07-14  8:35 am
Louis Johnsonmalthumb16 10-20-13  3:02 pm
Beaver Feltonjacko10-14-13  4:20 am
John Entwistle - a few of his Alembics...nnek8-06-13  4:35 pm
Pete Townshend playing an Alembic BASS???bigredbass7-26-13  11:05 pm
Dusty hillhieronymous14 6-28-13  7:59 am
Greg lake's alembic bass(one of)moonliner26 5-05-13  1:54 pm
Andy Westoddmetersam13 4-10-13  6:58 pm
Clarke-Copeland band live in Sicily 2012jos2-15-13  2:15 am
Norman Watt-Royjacko11-27-12  4:13 am
Dave LaRue playing an Essencemario_farufyno6-02-12  6:17 pm
Stanley Clarke - Rig Rundownkeith_h5-25-12  12:52 pm
What bass is Stanley Using here?jazzyvee22 5-02-12  5:31 am
The Secretary of Entertainment-Robert Gordonjacko31 4-10-12  4:58 am
Return to Forever at Vienne Jazz Festival, France.pierreyves28 3-27-12  8:54 am
Alembic being thumped to hell!byoung3-24-12  8:03 pm
James Cammackdavehouck3-20-12  3:37 pm
Cameo appearance of an alembic in Cameo Videofunkyjazzjunky14 3-09-12  9:28 am
Robin Koertschrisalembic3-07-12  4:13 am
Jerry Garcia'sGuitarstncaveman2-19-12  3:16 pm
Ben Adkins with 6 string Elanjazzyvee1-08-12  11:07 am
Kid Funkedelic on Alembic Series guitartncaveman10-26-11  4:38 am
Will's Europawillie10-10-11  11:52 am
Harry Chapin, Alembic bass and guitar!cozmik_cowboy9-12-11  1:37 pm
Stanley's Current basses and rig.richbass93914 9-10-11  7:57 am
Marcus plays alembic basswishbass8-29-11  9:32 pm
David "Rook" Goldflies....some to saycozmik_cowboy25 8-17-11  1:15 pm
Mark KIng Practicingpierreyves22 8-10-11  6:32 pm
Louis Johnson's Alembicgtrguy15 7-12-11  11:32 am
Gerald Reesejazzyvee6-24-11  1:19 pm
Hank Futchbillostech10 6-22-11  5:30 am
Simple Minds Bassistpalmann6-18-11  1:54 pm
Gil Scott Heron's bass playeredwin5-31-11  9:03 pm
Stanley .jazzyvee94 4-20-11  11:20 pm
Tito Jackson with Alembic Series I Guitarpace3-13-11  8:38 pm
The OXsonicus3-11-11  9:43 am
Dixie Dregsrustyg6114 2-23-11  10:12 am
Me Again - gone viral on YouTubeivartshiva1-24-11  6:08 pm
James LoMenzojacko24 1-17-11  4:53 am
Tina Marie... funkyjazzjunky1-03-11  6:36 am
Alembic Spotting! 1978!!!alemboid12-12-10  11:04 pm
The Wizardeddieg11-12-10  8:02 am
JE and his Alembic Flying V bass (update)davehouck14 11-08-10  5:34 pm
Brown mark (formerly of prince)serialnumber1214 11-02-10  5:31 am
Will Lee?tmoney610928-26-10  8:45 am
Victor Littlemoonliner12 8-17-10  10:34 pm
John Paul Jonestmoney6109253 8-17-10  3:29 pm
Marvin Isleyserialnumber126-15-10  3:53 am
Trevor Lindsey with his Short Scale Alembickmh3644-28-10  7:03 am
Nico Assumpçãodavehouck4-20-10  5:58 pm
Lequient Jobefunkyjazzjunky4-07-10  5:46 am
Giovancaadriaan3-23-10  9:45 am
@One in Hong Kong Last Weekendartswork9912 3-02-10  5:55 am
Banner Thomasdluxe2-16-10  6:25 pm
"Flim" & JTjimmyj47 1-24-10  4:42 am
Gary Strater 'Starcastle'76_alembic12-22-09  8:39 pm
M. King and his SII in a kids tv showenzo12-06-09  9:52 pm
New John Entwistle photos found......cje16 12-04-09  2:46 pm
Larry McRaeedwin11-10-09  2:47 pm
Jorge Degaschrisalembic11-06-09  11:19 pm
Derdian on YouTubeivartshiva10-14-09  1:08 pm
Kevin Thompson- Sweet Comfort Bandkenbass49-24-09  9:26 pm
Brandi's Series Bass Sounds!serialnumber129-23-09  6:38 pm
Armand Sabal-Leccosonicus12 9-22-09  9:45 pm
"Vertu" by Stanley Live!jazzyvee8-19-09  12:19 am
On the cover of Entwistle's "So Who's the Bass Player" Anthology...pauldo8-17-09  8:36 pm
Essence 5 (?) with Michael Rose bandmario_farufyno8-17-09  4:30 am
"Brick"toma_hawk018-15-09  10:09 pm
Mark King bass challenge on dutch TV57basstra7-31-09  8:42 pm
Mitch McDowell/General Caine (PG-13?)the_mule10 7-18-09  12:56 am
Some of my favorite artists57basstra6-04-09  6:57 pm
John Judge57basstra6-04-09  6:56 pm
Kyle Brock with Eric Johnson and the Electromagnetsdadabass20015-01-09  9:38 pm
Lequeint "Duke" Jobe mdrdvp4-21-09  2:54 am
Jeff Langstonjacko4-15-09  4:31 am
Stanley's new bass and personnal specificationspierreyves15 2-27-09  7:52 pm
Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungledarkstar012-03-09  2:00 pm
Smooth alembic sounds...... (jean-luc ponty)white_cloud1-09-09  11:20 am
Mark King Quilted Standard pointpierreyves10 1-02-09  3:47 pm
Series Bass Sounds from Gino Vanelli!keavin11-17-08  2:14 pm
Funky Series Bass Sounds from Nathaniel Phillips!davehouck11-15-08  3:37 pm
More funk bass from an alembicedwin11-13-08  12:11 pm
Roy ayers-freaky deaky (alembic sounds)funkyjazzjunky11-12-08  12:32 pm
Mike Rutherford of Genesiskenbass410-17-08  12:09 pm
Oh My God! Stanley and Return To Forever!bigbadbill9-15-08  5:37 am
George Howard's Bassistdavehouck9-12-08  10:34 pm
Nigel Kennedy's Bassist uses Alembic on the BBCwhite_cloud6-19-08  5:30 am
John Entwistle and his V-head Spyderbigbadbill19 6-19-08  5:24 am
Easy Star All Starsrobinc6-03-08  9:47 pm
Armando Gola with Arturo Sandovaltbrannon3-17-08  7:37 pm
Brick Bassist on Series Ifunkyjazzjunky3-03-08  11:26 am
Pete Agnew of Nazarethjacko15 2-25-08  5:05 am
Stanley's new gear and new bass ?ajdover15 2-24-08  9:59 pm
Mietek Jurecki - famous Polish Alembicianwhite_cloud12 2-24-08  8:23 am
Stanley Clarke & The Dragonjazzyvee22 1-13-08  7:20 am
Chuck panozzo (styx)-double cut away Alembicneyman1-02-08  1:50 pm
Current holder of 2nd most expensive guitar at auctiondavehouck30 12-12-07  12:58 pm
Black Flagbasstard11-14-07  2:29 am
Where's jason?eligilam11-08-07  9:18 am
Jimmy Vivino on Conan Monday nightdavehouck11-07-07  7:48 pm
"Skylark" with the Doobie Brosbluplirst7-06-07  9:47 pm
Stanley in his School Daysdavehouck7-06-07  2:22 pm
Story of the Brown bassdavehouck6-08-07  11:08 am
EVH ....Eeee-Veeee-Huh??!hanske150 6-01-07  3:53 pm
Carlos Alomar with David Bowiejorge_s5-15-07  5:03 pm
Stanley's Series I, live in Montreux Jazz Festivalpierreyves5-11-07  5:55 am
Stanley & J Johnson - Night School DVDdavehouck4-20-07  9:41 pm
Mothers Finest "Wizzard" on series Ikeavin1-17-07  8:20 am
Les Holroyd of Barclay James Harvestjacko12-13-06  5:41 am
Trouble Funkmdrdvp9-27-06  4:26 am
Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Culthb312 8-24-06  10:07 am
Stanley Clarke with 87-4431keavin45 7-02-06  7:57 am
Gary Strater of Starcastlelbpesq6-21-06  8:57 am
Jack on No. 1????chuckc6-12-06  11:04 am
Alien Ant Farm?adriaan18 6-12-06  3:48 am
Rookpas13 6-09-06  2:03 pm
Return to Forever,,,,Stanley with old alembic bass!keavin5-25-06  5:27 am
Belew (King Crimson) with Blastervalvil4-19-06  4:47 pm
Stanley Clarke Trio!keavin2-27-06  5:58 am
Tiran Porterbigredbass10 2-11-06  9:11 pm
Fan photos of Stanley Clarke Wanted!serialnumber1211-17-05  7:27 am
Stanley @ the Jacksonville Jazz Festival 4/10/05serialnumber1212 11-10-05  11:40 am
Kool Bell's Alembic (no picture)adriaan21 10-26-05  2:19 am
Trevor Dunnhydrargyrum9-19-05  11:39 am
Mark O'conner oggydoggy8-15-05  7:41 pm
Black Oak Arkansas??exploiterplayer28 5-06-05  8:06 am
Jack Casady, Greg Lake, John Entwistle (Not all together)gare16 4-12-05  2:35 pm
John Entwistle, a friend and two Alembics.....jacko17 4-09-05  11:00 am
Phil Lesh's Osage Orange Bass Interiorjacko3-24-05  5:39 am
Skylark On Conan O' Brianvalvil3-23-05  5:20 pm
Grateful deaddavehouck34 2-02-05  6:26 am
Stanley Clarke and his 30th Anniversary Alembicdgcarbu29 1-20-05  10:10 am
Parliament/Funkadelicdgcarbu10 1-14-05  8:21 pm
Bruce Cockburn with Alembic Onboard Preampsandrewknight1-03-05  11:07 am
Jermaine Jackson and Alembic?dgcarbu12-27-04  4:52 pm
Armand Sabal-Leccowillie16 9-23-04  5:34 am
....just to keep Johns memory alive.....stoney6-16-04  5:44 am
Me!8119525-14-04  6:45 am
Stanley Clarke - massive photo collectionkeavin12 5-08-04  12:11 pm
Peter Steele and his Spoilerbasstard3-29-04  5:03 am
I found this one today - guess who and what bass it is?!bracheen3-26-04  5:05 am
JE and his original Spyder V-headstock....senmen1-09-04  4:58 am
Better Shot of Earl's Europa Liveeschreyer21-08-04  1:07 pm
Earl with 6-String Europaeschreyer210-20-03  2:08 pm
Cliff Starbuck of Ekoostik Hookahkevin_k10-09-03  2:36 pm
One of John Entwistle´s original Spyder basses.....senmen9-02-03  4:02 am
New Riders of The Purple Sagedela2177-03-03  7:20 pm
Stanley Clarke at The Magic Bagmalthumb4-29-03  8:40 pm
Me!81seriesi4-20-03  4:37 pm
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